NextRoll API Documentation

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The NextRoll API allows you to build marketing technology solutions that enable you to drive more demand for your customers and create new revenue streams.

The NextRoll API is divided into several services, each with its own focus:


Provides most of the functionality found in the dashboard. You can manage campaigns, advertisements, pixels and more.

GraphQL Reporting API

Provides access to all reporting data so you can generate your own reports.

Audience API

The Audience API allows you to create and update CRM segments.

User Lists API

The User Lists API allows you to retrieve the size of your audiences.

Email API

Retarget the inbox with AdRoll Email.

Prospecting API

Prospecting attracts new audiences.

Universal Campaigns API

Create and manage Universal Campaigns

Automated Campaigns API

Automated Campaigns allows you to launch strategies with a single goal and budget. The budget is shifted between multiple campaigns to optimize performance.

Geotargeting API

Search for geotargeting EIDs that are used when setting geotargets on your campaigns

Site Traffic Revealer

Provides firmographic data about the site visitor. It’s a JavaScript API.