Technical Request

Got a technical question? Need help with the NextRoll API? Send us a request by opening a support ticket. Make sure to select API Issue in the Issue field.

Please include as much information as possible. A detailed request might include:

  • What you’re trying to achieve (i.e. I want to generate a report of campaign performance)

  • What environment you’re using (i.e. I’m writing a Python script using the requests library)

  • Relevant application logs

  • A capture of the HTTP requests and their responses (including all headers)

  • Sample code that you’re reproduces the issue (plain text attachments are best)


Make sure to not send passwords in your code samples

Rate limit increase

If you frequently run into rate limits when creating your applications (HTTP 429 Too Many Requests statuses), you can request an increase to your limit.

Please fill out our rate limit increase request form. Once your request has been received, we’ll review it and respond by email.