Frequently Asked Questions

When does reporting data become available?

We provide approximate real-time reporting data throughout the day. The numbers for a day are typically available within twelve hours after the day finishes. However, that data is not considered finalized until 48 hours after the start of the current UTC day. All of our dates and times are in UTC.

How to use display_url_override parameter?

For Facebook campaigns, the display_url_override parameter is used for the ‘caption’ field when syncing ads to Facebook. For web campaigns, display_url_override parameter is deprecated. If the destination URL is a redirect, you will need to specify the final destination URL in the display_url_override parameter as this is needed to pass ad review.

How can I tell if an ad has been deleted?

Ads are never really ‘deleted’, we just set the ads is_active flag to false.

Is there a limit to the size of GraphQL queries?

There is no limit to the size of GraphQL queries. Behind the scenes, the GaphQL Reporting API queries multiple services to retrieve your data. These requests are done in parallel and in bulk. It is more efficient to request all of the data you need in a single query than to create multiple queries.