Setup Facebook and Instagram

Update a Facebook Page

You can update the Facebook Page used by an Advertiser by repeating the steps in Link a Facebook Page.

Read a Facebook Page

You can verify page access by calling GET /facebook/fb_page_url and verifying that page_access and page_admin_access fields are true.

curl -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_TOKEN' \
    "fb_page_id": "924916227619294",
    "fb_page_img": "",
    "fb_page_name": "Cats 4 Gold",
    "is_published": true,
    "page_access": true,
    "page_admin_access": true

Error Codes





A Facebook Ad Account is required

We have not completed its integration with Facebook. Wait a few minutes and try again


A Facebook page URL is required

The Facebook Page integration process has not been completed

Target Instagram

You target Instagram by including instagramstream in the placement_targets parameter of the POST /api/v1/adgroup/create endpoint:

curl -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_TOKEN' \
-F placement_targets="[\"desktopfeed\",\"mobilefeed\",\"rightcolumn\",\"FAN\",\"instagramstream\"]" \
-F name="Test AdGroup" \