Migrating to API Keys

We now require all NextRoll API developers to register applications and use an API key for all requests. This guide explains why we’ve migrated and how to get your application started.

Don’t care about the background story? Jump straight to the Migration Instructions.


We’ve re-launched the developer program with the goal to improve communication and support for our API. Here’s what we’ve released:

  • A new developer site with application registration: developers.nextroll.com

  • A new subdomain for API calls that enforces API keys and rate limiting: services.adroll.com

The new developer site allows you to register as a developer. Once registered, you can create one or more applications, each with their own API key. By registering as a developer and creating applications, we’ll be able to better understand how developers are using the NextRoll API. It will be easier to see how changes will impact developers and allow us to keep you informed of changes.

We offer two tiers of API access: Basic and Partner. Most developers will select the Basic tier when creating their applications. This gives access to all API features, with a daily limit of 10,000 API calls. When you register for Basic access, you’ll be able to make API calls right away. If you select Partner access, your application will need to be approved before you can make API calls. As we roll out API quotas, we may need to fine-tune the default limit. If you’re concerned about usage, send us a message.

Looking to the future, we plan to roll out support for OAuth 2.0 so that you don’t need to deal with passwords when making API calls. We’ll also be writing guides and tutorials to help you get started and make maximum use out of our APIs.

Migration Instructions

Ready to migrate? Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a developer account

  2. Create an application

  3. Change all calls from api.adroll.com or app.adroll.com to services.adroll.com

  4. Include your new API key in every request via the apikey query parameter


The CRUD API basepath, /api, was optional for calls to api.adroll.com. This meant that calls to api.adroll.com/v1/ were equivalent to api.adroll.com/api/v1/.

When you migrate, you’ll need to use the /api basepath. For example: api.adroll.com/v1/ calls become services.adroll.com/api/v1/.


Once you’ve registered your application, you’ll see both a consumer key and secret. We currently do not use the secret. You’ll only use the consumer key when making API calls.

Now you can make an API call:

curl -H 'Authorization: Token YOUR_TOKEN' \