RollWorks API Documentation

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RollWorks offers a host of APIs for many use cases — from pushing ad performance data into your system of record to pulling RollWorks target account lists into other platforms.

The NextRoll API can be used by RollWorks customers. NextRoll is the parent company of RollWorks.

To make your first API call, see Get Started with the NextRoll API

Available APIs

Here are some of our most popular APIs and their use cases.

Site Traffic Revealer

The Site Traffic Revealer helps marketers better understand their website traffic in real time to create a more tailored experience for their website visitors and analyze trends in their visitor data. The benefits of the Site Traffic Revealer are:

  • Provide site visitor analytics in your source of truth to inform business decisions (e.g., content strategy)

  • Enable personalization of website,chat, and other content. RollWorks has direct integrations with Google Analytics, Uberflip, Hushly, Folloze, and more

  • Provide site visitor data for engagement modeling

Reporting API

Whether you want to export data into data visualization tools (Tableau, Datorama, Looker, Domo, etc.) or create custom CSV reports, our reporting API can fit your needs.

RollWorks customers most commonly use our GraphQL Reporting API because of its flexibility and ability to surface many different metrics. We also offer a GraphQL query builder, which customers can use to help build their reporting queries. The most common data our customers query are spend, impressions, clicks by account, ad unit, and campaign.

For examples on querying for metrics for Playbooks, see Playbook reporting. For further examples, see GraphQL Reporting API Examples.

Playbooks API

Playbooks are a simple user experience for running B2B advertising campaigns based on the best practices RollWorks’ Customer Success organization has developed over the past several years. You can use our APIs to report on and manipulate Playbooks.

Target Account List API

Our Target Account List API grow our customers’ cross-channel orchestration capabilities by enabling them to sync target account data across their tech stack.

Here’s how RollWorks customers and partners most commonly use this API:

  • Fetch accounts on their RollWorks target account lists to build a similar, personalized experience with users at those target accounts across different channels.

  • Push a dynamic list of accounts into the RollWorks platform when they’re showing high levels of intent and/or engagement in order to automatically activate ads against them.

Account Metrics API

You can access RollWorks account metrics like unique visitors and page views using the GraphQL Reporting API. Metrics are available per account for a list of campaigns in an Advertisable. You can specify any date range as long as it doesn’t exceed thirty days. If you need more than thirty days of data, you can make multiple queries and iterate on the date range.

Email Contact List API

Sync email contact lists to reach contacts with ad campaigns and/or gather firmographic and technographic insights about those contacts. RollWorks customers and partners most commonly use the Email Contact List API when they’re unable to integrate their CRM or MAP.