Get to know NextRoll

The NextRoll API has a simple object structure. It’s best introduced visually:

Diagram of NextRoll object structure


Each Organization contains one or more Advertisables.

An Advertisable represents “a thing that can be advertised” such as a business or a particular product or service. Agencies generally have an Advertisable per client.

Audiences (aka Segments) represent sets of people who will be targeted or excluded from Campaigns. Example audience types include: Conversion, CRM, and URL.

Ads are the creative that are shown to target Audiences. Example Ad types include: Facebook, Static Web, and Dynamic Web.

AdGroups join together Audiences and Ads. The goal is to show targeted Audiences specific Ads.

Campaigns consist of one or more AdGroups.

Every User belongs to a single Organization. Depending on the user’s permissions, they may only have access to a subset of the Advertisables within that Organization. Currently we only offer full access to the account, we’re considering a read-only access in the future.

Each object is referred to by an EID (External ID) which consists of alphanumeric characters (e.g. 48F9EA2E5ACAEE24EB766F).