Site Traffic Revealer Overview

The Site Traffic Revealer enables the firmographic identification of a site visitor in real-time, across a variety of firmographic attributes. The firmographic data can be used for customisation or personalization of the web page, generating analytics, or use with other applications in your organization.

Additionally, the Site Traffic Revealer allows you to leverage RollWorks account-level data in other platforms, including Account Lists, Account Groups, and Journey Stages. This means you can use RollWorks’ segmentation capabilities in other platforms as well as for analytics purposes.


For details on how to enable the Site Traffic Revealer for your account, please see the RollWorks Help Center. For questions about access, contact your Account Manager or RollWorks support for additional assistance. Once your account has been enabled with the Site Traffic Revealer, you’ll have access to some additional data via JavaScript everywhere your RollWorks pixel is placed.

You must have a properly configured and installed RollWorks pixel on your website. The visitor’s browser must also allow third-party cookies for this to work most effectively.