Facebook API Overview


The Facebook API will be retired at the end of February 2023.

The Facebook API allows full-funnel advertising on Facebook from AdRoll.

Get Started

Before you start building your integration, it helps to have a basic understanding of the NextRoll API.

Get Started with the NextRoll API will help you make your first API call.

Get to know NextRoll provides an overview of the object structure and defines common terminology.

Service Walkthrough

The Facebook API has an object model that is slightly different than the CRUD API object model. Here it is visually:

Diagram of Facebook API object structure

Facebook Creative are CRUD API Ad objects with Additional Facebook metadata. They are created using the POST /api/v1/ad/create endpoint.

Facebook Ad join together Facebook Creative to FB Ad Sets.

Facebook Ad Sets join together Audiences and Facebook Ads. They are equivalent to AdGroups and appear in the Reporting API as AdGroups.

Facebook Campaigns consists of one or more FB Ad Sets.

Audiences (aka Segments) represent sets of people who will be targeted or excluded from Campaigns. See Creating Audiences.