Prospecting API Overview

AdRoll Prospecting helps attract new audiences who are likely to convert and become customers. This is done by targeting digital profiles similar to already defined segments for AdRoll Retargeting.


For details on how to authenticate, refer to Get Started with the NextRoll API.

Getting Started

Before using the prospecting API, you must have created your organization(s) and advertisable(s) using the CRUD API.

Once you’ve created your organization(s) and advertisable(s), you’re ready to start creating prospecting objects. If you’d like to jump directly to the complete reference of methods, go to the Prospecting API Reference page. Otherwise, you can check our Create Your First Prospecting Campaign page to get you started on creating your first prospecting campaign.

Service Walkthrough

Here’s an overview of the available objects. Remember that this hierarchy lives under an advertisable:

  • Campaign - a prospecting campaign associated with a date range and a budget (e.g., “Prospect Holiday Blitz”)
    • AdGroup 1 - used to pair a set of ads with a set of prospecting criteria (e.g., “Prospecting Holiday Blitz AG1”)
      • Selected Ads

      • Selected Audience - defines the set of potential new users based on existing retargeting segments

      • Selected GeoTargets

    • AdGroup …

    • AdGroup N